Farm Development:
We have generated a wish list of items needed to make this farm reach its full potential:

Grazing animals: Currently we have three permanent rescue horses and borrowed grazing cows from the community to keep the entire farm in check.  We would like to adopt more permanent residents (goats, alpaca/llamas) and share with you the importance of their contribution in the farm culture, suggested one time donation of $350/animal is suggested and/or $35/month for health and winter feed maintenance. 

A tractor is a must on any farm.  Much of our work is time consuming manual labour and/or costly hired labour.  Contribution towards purchasing a used tractor of any amount to reach our goal of $5000 would greatly reduce our expenses and provide increased efficiency in the development of the farm.

Seed/plantings of the following herbs are our aim for these next few years: $50/month donations would help us move our project forward or direct donations from Richter's Seeds catalogue would be appreciated.  We will gladly send you a list of herbs that have the potential for growth here in BC, upon request.

If you would like to make a monetary contribution:  Please click to the right: