The Botanical Establishment

Seeds of Compassion was established in 2016.  Founded by health practitioner and herbalist, Michelle Kung.  

Seeds of Compassion’s mission is to set up a botanical establishment in British Columbia, Canada.  The botanical establishment will consist of native botanicals with a particular focus on edible and medicinal plants. The botanical will serve the purpose to develop community supported interest as well as be a site for education and hands-on learning for local schools and organizations that align with the interest of the mission.


Nature-inspired artists bring the sense of connection of our being with this earth.  

(please check our site regularly for interest in artwork for purchase)

Upto 50-100% proceeds of purchased artwork will be to support the development of Seeds of Compassion in BC, Canada
We are all leaders in our hearts.  The art of giving is one bound by compassion and without expectatation of what is returned.  In giving to the mission of Seeds of Compassion I hope you will enjoy with fullness that you are imparting gifts for a better future for your children in creating a community of support and love for taking care of the beauty that surrounds us.

We have options on how you can help please visit "T he Art of Giving "