This certified organic property of 208 acres represents an existing sustainable ecosystem of great diversity. ​​

The potential is tremendous and ideal in creating a commune for experience and education in ecological conscious projects.

The potential allows the development of healthy agricultural and building practices that promote wellbeing. It’s diversity in wildlife and temperate zoning has potential as a year­round educational resource for the community.


  1. Breakfast!
    13 Oct, 2017
    So hard to believe that at this time of the year, when temperatures go close to freezing at night and the days get warmer from 830am - 4pm, one would still find these sturdy and healthy vegetables and fruits growing in the garden.  My favourite are cauliflower leaves they are full of Vitamin A, C, K, and fibre.  Traditionally used to detoxify and repair the intestines.  Plus they taste absolutely great raw or cooked!
  2. Corn Silk
    28 Jul, 2017
    Corn Silk
    Hard to believe it was only a few days we were admiring the strength and vastness of cornstalks, and it seems just overnight they come into full bloom. Did you know this amazing fact about corn? When the stalk reaches about two-thirds its full height, its reproductive process starts. The plant first develops straw-colored tassels near the top. These are the "male" flowers of the plant. About three days after corn tassels, the silks or stigma of the "female" flowers appear lower on the stalk.