Plant a seed
Nurture a seed
With bountiful energy a seed springs to life
A plant offers healing
Seeds of compassion

The innocence of an infant
The nurturance by Mother Earth
Blossoming into a precious child
The curiosity of a youthful mind and spirit

Growth in relationships
Reflection of our purpose
Elders tell their stories
A child listens with great intent
Seeds of compassion

Honoring the cycles in life
A plant gives life
It will soon decay
Soil is rich and nourishes new life  

It is natural we become depleted
Seek nourishment
We extend our hand out to receive
A gentle gesture aids in reconnecting to our purpose
Acceptance of our vulnerability
We learn to love again
To give and receive
The cycle regains momentum

Reconnect to our human ways
Our innocence
Our being of wholeness
A journey of love, growth, compassion
Dedication to planting and nurturing the seeds of compassion​​

​In earth’s harmony we experience harmony of mind, body, and spirit.

Michelle Kung, 2016
...dedicated to building communities towards compassionate living